Sunday, February 14, 2016

Baptisms and Spirits

Lo'u aiga,
Happy Valentine's day for yous!!
Gese's baptism was yesterday!! It was awesome!! We were worried because it was announced in church to be at 5:30 not 5... *face palm* but HEAPS of members came!! We were so happy!!! when I say HEAPS I mean HEAPS  we printed out 40 programs and ran out 15 minutes before the baptism!!! Yesssssss!!
Gese was so happy! Her husband and her cousin came an supported her! She cried through the entire program! And held Sister Puaina's hand the entire time! She made me practice how to hold her hands for the baptism over and over and over. She is amazing. I am so honoured to help her receive the gospel. She will be an amazing servant of our Heavenly Father.

Something else interesting happened this week. Gese has a 2 year old son who always wakes up at 3 am. He wakes up, get out of the room and wanders around. One night this week they woke up and went outside to find him completely naked in the living room singing songs by himself. To me it sounded like an over active 2 year old, but it freaked her out. She called us later on in the morning crying asking if we could cast out spirits. We grabbed our Ward mission leader and went over there right away and he gave MJ a priesthood blessing. MJ has not woken up in the morning since then.

I asked Sister Puaina if MJ was possessed, and she said no, he just had a bad spirit inside of him. Interesting eh? The Samoan people have so much faith it is astounding!
Love you all so much!! Have a great week! Your Heavenly Father loves you! Thank him for the miracles he gives you!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

Gese's baptism with Sisters Puaina, Ulu and Peo

Photos of their flat

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